The Tome Hill, between Los Lunas and Belen off NM 47, was formed 3 million years ago by volcanic activity. It sits 400 feet above the Rio Grande. Residents of Isleta Pueblo once conducted rituals at Tome Hill. It was a landmark for Spanish settlers who came in cavalcades along the Camino Real. These settlers later herded sheep on and around the Tome Hill. Penitentes and other Christians made pilgrimages to plant crosses on top. Today it is the focus of an annual Good Friday trek by pilgrims; it's an emotional journey in which myriad examples of real faith are put into action--a truely unique experience.

Tome was founded in the 1600's and has a rich cultural history. With Tome's rich history and its openness to share (educate), it was logical that the University of New Mexico--Valencia Campus found Tome to be an advantageous location. The campus has over 1600 students and offers two-year Associate Degrees, one-year certificates and classes towards Bachelor's Degrees


The quaint village holds fast to its historic air that makes it a site well worth seeing. From its historical church which houses artifacts dating more than 200 years back to its religious shrine of Tome Hill to its farmland to its good people, Tome offers a peaceful and serene lifestyle.

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